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Every machine rely on power source. Similarly, electric forklifts heavily rely on Batteries. It is essential that batteries are properly maintained to ensure reliability. It is very common to see that the same make and model of batteries are not lasting same amount of years. Some are serving for good 8 years and some die pre-maturely in just 4 years. The only factor responsible for this is the maintenance. Preventive maintenance could extend the life of the battery. Also, this prevents any inconveniences caused by sudden failures of cells in battery. We provide complete care package to our customer in which we visit and service all the batteries and chargers. The number of times batteries require servicing varies from customer to customer based on the duty operations and the nature of the business. We visit every customer prior to offer any quote and evaluate based on the information gathered. We advise as per your needs for the equipment. Servicing the Battery includes but not limited to:
  • Inspecting individual cells and taking Voltage readings to ensure consistent cells.
  • Taking Specific Gravity readings and compare.
  • Check water levels and adjust as required.
  • Inspect cables and connectors for any nicks, cuts or damages.
  • Inspect cable tips and connectors.
  • Check for corrosion and remove from tray and terminals.
  • Inspect and clean watering system if equipped
Prepare and provide report after Service

Chargers are the lifeline of the batteries. A battery which is used every day even in single shift requires to be charged every night (if conventional charger), so that it gets ready to be used again for next day. In case of opportunity and fast chargers, the battery is charged multiple times in during the day in small breaks. We inspect the components of the charger during preventive maintenance and action if required prior to its failure to avoid any inconveniences to the customer. Servicing the Charger includes but not limited to:
  • Check charger specifications and its compatibility with the battery.
  • Clean and inspect charger cables for any cuts, nicks and damages. Insulate as required.
  • Inspect the connector and tips. Report and change tips if hot disconnects noticed.
  • Connect to battery and measure output. Inspect internal components.
  • Check Ammeter and calibrate as required.
  • Lubricate doors, locks and hinges.
Prepare and provide report after Service.

Repairs of Batteries and Chargers: We diagnose the battery if it is not taking charge or if it is not lasting enough. We identify the weak cells and change them to bring the battery back to life again. We are the charger repair experts and stock the charger components for quick repairs.

Installation and commissioning of Industrial UPS standby batteries for emergency backup power. Have extensive experience of commissioning the permanent monitoring systems on batteries including updating the softwares on the monitors. We perform preventive maintenance on stationary batteries with our special instruments and equipments to measure the various parameters of battery identifying health of each cell.
Vast variety of auto fill watering systems to suit all your needs. We install watering systems on all models of forklift batteries.