Know More about Toyota Forklift Battery

When we are talking about forklift battery Toyota is one of the top rated brand which manufactures different kinds of high quality forklift batteries to the people.Toyota Forklift battery is known for its heavy and outstanding performances. If you are going to purchase or need a good quality forklift battery then no doubt Toyota offers the best battery.

Most of the people prefer to choose cheap battery and indirectly invest double amount on purchase of forklift battery. Confused?? Yeah! Let’s clear it! When you are purchasing cheap quality forklift batter then it will last only for few days then you have pay for another battery so it’s always better to invest on quality product like Toyota forklift batteries which will last longer and perform better.

As Toyota manufactures several type of forklift battery many people got confused to choose the best one. So here we are going to discuss on some points you need to focus before buying forklift battery.

Things you should know before buying Toyota Forklift battery

  • Voltage handling capacity of your lift truck
  • Battery compartment dimensions
  • The amp hour capability of the battery
  • Make sure the minimum counterweight necessity
  • Check the type of connector, cable length and position     

Everything regarding Toyota forklift Battery Maintenance

If you want good performance and long run of your Toyota forklift battery then obviously you need to focus on the maintenance part. Maintenance of a Toyota Forklift battery is quite easy but you have to take care of certain things.

Always check the water once a week and make sure to clean the top at least once in a month. No doubt good and appropriate maintaining is always crucial for extended life of your battery and safety. Here are some tips for you!


  • Always use protective gear for safety purpose during the maintenance process. As batteries contains sulfuric acid and other chemicals which can cause skin damage and severe burns.
  • In every month you need to clean the batter with the help of battery cleaner. Just clean the top of the battery to avoid any kind of try corrosion.
  • After five to ten charge of battery you need to check the distilled water level. You need to add water if it required. Remember always add water after charging never do it before. After adding water if you notice any kind of white crystal then immediately call for a battery engineer. 


Trying to pick up forklift battery

Never ever try to lift your Toyota forklift battery. As a normal forklift battery weigh up to 3000lbs it’s always risky for a single person to lift it properly. Always use   equipment like a pallet jack which is well equipped with a transfer carriage.

Use a battery that emits smoke

Whenever you mark your Toyota forklift battery is emitting smoke then just shut it down immediately. Don’t use the battery again till the technician confirm it! This may be the sign of battery replacement so always consult a battery engineer when you see any kind of smoke emitting issue from your Forklift battery.

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