Charging a forklift battery in the right time is very important. Although it is very easier to charge this battery when it is convenient, proper maintenance, requires battery charging at certain times to certain degrees. All you need is to do just slap the battery onto the charger whenever it gets low. If your charger get damaged and unable to charge battery then it can also shows adverse impact on the battery as well. So, it is very important to charge the battery with the right charger is very important. Selecting the wrong charger for forklift battery can decrease the performance of the battery or it can damage the battery as well.  So, in this blog we are going to tell you how to select the right charger for the forklift battery that can increase performance of the battery and retain active round the clock. 

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Steps to select a forklift battery charger:

  • Always purchased forklift battery charger from the reputed company. Just to sake of save some money, if you purchase a local charger then it can negatively impact on the battery or damage it permanently. 
  • Used forklift battery charger are available, generally available priced about 40-60 percent less than a new forklift battery charger. 
  • Purchase the forklift charger that will plug into a standard 120-AC volt. 
  • The cable of the charger must be hard and resistance to heat and water. 
  • The charger cable, which houses all the  internal components of the charger. 
  • Charger must contain have present parameters that protect the battery from the overcharging. 
  • There should be sensors should display error codes and prevent it from damage. 
  • A charger must have controllers that indicate signals that battery is going to be bust or catching fire. 

What is the cost of the forklift charger?

Forklift battery charger range starts from $500 for a portable charger that will plug into standard volt 120 AC outlet up t0 $3000 respectively. At cell care batteries you will advanced and high-technology forklift charger at the best market rates. 

How to charge forklift battery?

Charging a forklift battery is very important at the right time. It is important to charge a batteries for forklift when it goes below 30%. Sometimes a newbie worker doesn’t know to charge forklift battery effectively and it may cause injury as well. Read the steps for charging forklift battery effectively. 

  • Before slap a charger into the battery check its condition is good or not. If you find any cut, then go for forklift battery charger repair services. Here the professionals will check the charger, analyze the issue and resolve it effectively. 
  • Allow ample charging time. And keep the eyes on the sensors 
  • Equalize charger: A longer charging cycle performed once in a week will rebalance the acid concentration. 
  • Add water to the battery after it has been charged. 
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