A Systematic Guide for Forklift Battery Replacement

Today here in this post I am going to give you proper guide for forklift battery replacement. Before that let’s understand how you will know that the battery replacement is needed. Obviously you will get several warning signs when your battery is not performing well like excessive forklift battery sulfating, fast drain after charging, reduce the performance displays, spilled acid on the battery exterior, damage battery terminals and much more.

Usually the average life of a Forklift battery is around 5 years but here is the good news that it can be replaced and work perfectly with the forklift.

When it comes to replace the battery it’s not that much easy as batteries are bigger and heavier. A forklift battery is around 3000 pounds and the maintenance and replacement is always a tough job for people. 

As most of the people opting forklifts, and want to know about the battery replacement, I wanted to give more details about it.

When you should replace a Forklift battery?

Though I already mentioned the average life of a Forklift battery is around 5 years that doesn’t mean you need replacement in 5 years. If you can take care of your forklift then obviously your battery can work perfectly for longer. If your forklift is working hard and there is no proper care or service then it may also need quick replacement.

Whenever your battery begins to die, it behaves weird similar like dying car battery.

You can see some signs like

  • Charge degrades faster even after fully charges with minimal load.
  • you can see corrosion buildup on battery case
  • you have to charge your forklift more than once in a day \
  • battery emits rotten eggs or sulfurous smell
  • during charging you may see it stats smoking

If you will mark anything as given above that means you need a Forklift battery replacement immediately.

Now I will give you complete and systematic guidance on forklift battery replacement.

Guide for forklift battery replacement

No doubt forklift battery replacement is a hard to manage task. Here how the replacement process goes.

  • When you will order a replacement, the new battery will arrive within five to 7 business days to your place.
  • You obviously need a professional or trained battery technicians who can install it properly.
  • You need a separate working space for the battery replacement
  • You have to dispose the old battery at any cost or you can give to the Cromer technicians for a recycling process.

Safety warning

Whenever the forklift battery performance degrade, you may face several difficulties to handle the unit. You may face the low respond time and sometime sluggish. If you are facing any such kind of issues then you need to stop using that forklift battery immediately for safety purpose.

It’s always recommend to go with an expert technician for forklift battery replacement for risk free and better service. If you are doing it then follow the manual and research well before the replacement process.

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